Wi-Fi e GPS Hog

Projetos em locative media de Jonah Brucker-Cohen criam formas de sigularizao da presena no espao pblico. Podermos ver talvez aqui a radicalizao do que tenho chamado de “territrio informaciona”. Para mais veja os ltimos artigos.

O Wi-Fi Hog, permite que um indivduo possa ter o controle total sobre uma rede pblica wi-fi. A idia aqui apresentar uma verso contrria a utopia de um espao pblico aberto e compartilhado. J o GPS Hog um kit que permite que uma pessoas seja anica a acessar sua localizao especfica no espao. A idia aqui ressaltar a solido em meio a fenmenos de massa.

Vejam descrio dos projetos abaixo:

“Wi-Fi Hog is personal system for a laptop or portable computer that enables people to gain complete control over a public access wireless network. The idea is presented as an alternative to the utopian vision of wireless networks being open, shared, and utilitarian for everyone. This project is a cautionary one, and comes as a reaction to the battle over free wireless spectrum where corporate pay-per-use and free community networks are fighting for signal dominance in public spaces. Wifi-Hog exists as a tactical media tool for controlling and subverting this claim of ownership and regulation over free spectrum, by allowing a means of control to come from a third-party.”

“GPS-HOG is an open-source toolkit to allow its user to ensure they are the only one occupying any single location on Earth. The idea is presented as a critical approach to the multitude of consumer devices with integrated GPS hardware that allow for people to keep track of their locations through a global network of satellites. As international population levels rise, crowds are becoming more common in public spaces to the point where solitude is often hard to find. Even with specified waypoints that allow for near pin-point accuracy in location determinism, the system is continually over-burdened with multiple devices attempting to receive coordinate data in similar locations. The project is presented as a step toward enabling solitude through coordination retrieval.”

“GPS-HOG use, only one person can access the waypoint. Others are only able to access the position once the “Hogger” has left the area. This enables only the hogger to have access to the coordinates at a time.”

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