RFID em humanos

O senado da Califrnia acaba de passar uma lei proibindo o uso de etiquetas de rdio-frequncia, RFID, em humanos sob vigilncia (presos, pedfilos, etc…). As etiquetas de rdio-frequncia esto substituindo os cdigo de barra podendo enviar informaes mais completas sobre produtos, mas tambm sobre pessoas, como a sua localizao, percursos realizados, etc. A comunidade europia est colocando essas etiquetas em passaportes e o processo est em expanso no mundo.

A informao vem do Ars Technica, com replicao no Boing Boing:


“CA bill would ban forced subdermal RFID-tagging of humans Posted by Xeni Jardin, September 4, 2007 11:48 AM | # | Discuss (4) California’s senate passed a bill last week that bans the forced RFID tagging of humans (think: prisoners, employees, pedos out on the street who’ve done their time). The state senator who sponsored the bill described that scenario as the ‘the ultimate invasion of privacy.’ The bill is on its way to Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk now; if it is signed into law, California would become the third state with such a ban on the books (along with Wisconsin and North Dakota).”

“Senate Bill 362 ‘would prohibit a person from requiring, coercing, or compelling any other individual to undergo the subcutaneous implanting of an identification device,’ and a similar version has already passed the state Assembly. Joseph Simitian, who came up with the idea, laments the fact that the RFID industry does not appear to find his idea a good one.”