Ecologia Hbrida

Embora no goste muito da idia de associar o digital formao de espaos hbridos, ou de ecologia hbrida, j que todo espao e toda dimenso ecolgica so formas hbridas (infraesturura tcnica, social, institucional, imaginria, religiosa, esttica, etc), a idia de uma ecologia hbrida para pensar as mdias locativas pode ser uma boa pista, j que coloca a nfase na sinergia entre o espao fsico e o digital em suas mltiplas dimenses. Vejam nesse sentido o post abaixo do Taming the Space, vindo do Pasta and Vinegar

“hybrid ecologies” correspond to a shift from media spaces (that LINK physical spaces through digital medium), mixed reality environments (that fuse physical and digital environments), ubiquitous computing (that embeds the digital into physical environments) to hybridization (that merges multiple environments physical and digital).

“The development of new computing environments gives rise to new forms of collaboration, not only in terms of how people engage in everyday activities together but also in terms of how they articulate collaboration means that a degree of interactional (including communicative) asymmetry is built into collaboration in hybrid ecologies. () Hybrid ecologies rely on the articulation of fragments of embodied virtuality or fragmented interaction. ( interaction is distributed across distinct ecologies
In hybrid ecologies collaboration is distinctively concerned with the articulation of fragmented interaction. By fragmented interaction we mean that collaboration in hybrid ecologies is mediated by different mechanisms of interaction, which are differentially distributed among participants. () There is nothing inherently new about fragmented interaction, then, it inhabits collaboration everywhere as we switch between digital and physical media in course of our everyday activities. What is new, however, is the way in which collaboration is provided for in hybrid ecologies, through the interweaving of hybrid networks and hybrid models of space, and how mechanisms of interaction are articulated in hybrid ecologies.


fragmented interaction is articulated in two fun-damental ways in hybrid ecologies:
– Through the exercise of ordinary interactional competences.
– Through the use of digital representations of action and collaboration in real and virtual environments.”