Web of Things

Web of Things

An EPC RFID tag used by Wal-Mart

Matéria da BBC, “Smart tags hail the web of things”, mostra a evolução das RFID em ambientes de trabalho e em casa. Os objetos ganham cada vez mais funções de comunicação: “the future of the internet is an internet of connected objects”. Vemos mais um exemplo da expansão da era da conexão e da mobilidade.


“(…) ‘It all started with simple radio tags and asset tracking,’ said Gerd Kortuem, ‘but that really only gives you an identifier for an object.’

Now, said Dr Kortuem, tiny Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags are getting smarter and more communicative as bigger memory, basic processing power and wireless technologies are added to them.

‘We are trying to embed a little more intelligence beyond location by adding sensors and by networking these objects together,’ he said.

(…) Many hardware makers, such as router maker Cisco, are also starting to put smarter tags on devices so they can keep a record of their working life and can call for help if they are about to fail or are in need of servicing.

(…) In the home too some gadgets are starting to use RFID tags to become smarter and help their owners cope with the pace of modern life. The latest version of the Nabaztag wi-fi rabbit gadget has been fitted with a sensor that can interrogate the radio tags.

The rabbit can also read out e-mails, monitor RSS feeds and the weather for its owners. Rival devices such as the Chumby and Tux droid perform similar functions.

Nabaztag rabbit reading a book, Violet

The rabbit can recognise lots of different objects
Violet, the creators of the rabbit have signed a deal with Gallimard Jeunesse to put RFID tags on books produced by the French publisher.(…)”