Urban Attractors

“Urban Attractors, Private Distractors” é um projeto com vlogs criando derivas e psicogeografias entre NY e Ho Chi Minh para discutir espaço público, ciberespaço, espaço privado entre Leste e Oeste. Dois grupos realizam ações em espaços públicos destacando as fronteiras e filtros invisíveis que emergem das tecnologias móveis e do espaços das duas cidades.

“This vlog project explores the shared psychodynamics that are involved in group boundaries that identifies what is inside (cultural, spiritual, political) and how it is reflected on the outside (architecture, urban planning, symbols, monuments). Here, psychogeography refers to the inhabitants’ collective psychological representations of place, the influences on those ‘maps’ and the group interaction and dynamics according to this common map.”

“The collective will address questions such as: How is a city constructed in a culture where the inhabitants have little experience of a private physical space? Do they adapt more readily to cyberspace which is both private / public simultaneously? How do Westerners reclaim their ‘public space’? Organized dérives in both cities will commence at the most public of spaces–the town square. Participants will submit videos as urban indicators of private and/or public to the vlog until the workshop meetings in June 2007. Angie Eng, the project director, will continue vlogging until the commencement of the physical installation in Fall 2007.”