The Platform Shoes

Mídia locativa e mobilidade em plataformas com tela LCD e GPS para as garotas defino trato da mais antiga profissão do mundo. Esse é o projeto Aphrodite, explicado no post Networked_Performance — Live Stage: The Platform Shoes [Newark, NJ]. O uso está aliado ao prazer e a segurança:

“Gallery Aferro: The Aphrodite Project – The Platform Shoes (a month long event) :: Norene Leddy will be offering the public the opportunity to try on “hacked” platform heels that feature an embedded LCD screen, GPS transmitters and an audible alarm. Their functionality is based on extensive interviews with sex workers, and can be viewed as an extended mediation on pleasure and danger.

Try on the Platforms sandals September 15, 22, and 29 from 12-6 pm. Take them for a spin around the block, and let us know what you think. Demo sandals are available in a variety of sizes up to a women’s 12 / men’s 10. Aphrodite Team members will be on hand to guide you, answer questions and to take custom orders. To schedule an appointment, call us at (646) 652-7186 or email us at appointments AT theaphroditeproject DOT tv. Walk-ins will be accommodated when possible.

Audible Alarm Demonstration: September 29: 4:00 pm – we will hold a live demonstration to show how you can build your own personal audible alarm system for around $10. The system is easy to assemble and uses parts available from RadioShack. No soldering or special skills are required. In addition to shoes, this alarm can be used in handbags, jackets and other clothing. Email diy-aferro AT theaphroditeproject DOT tv for more info and a parts list.”