Sworfish e Torpedo Bay

Sworfish e Torpedo Bay

Swordfishe e Torpedo Bay são dois “Locative Games”, produzidos aqui perto, em Calgary, pela Blister Entertainment. Swordfish ganhou o prêmio, em 2005, da Canadian New Media Awards.

“Swordfish is a single-player location based mobile handset game with multi-player features. This game application allows users the chance to search, find and catch virtual swordfish on their mobile phones. Gamers compete for rank and bragging rights on the national leader board. Players also compete for the same schools of virtual fish that are scattered across the country. The leader board is unique in that it too is location-enabled. When players post their score from their phone, the leader board automatically posts the city or town where the fish was caught, creating a greater sense of competition and community amongst players. This game forces you to move to where the virtual schools of fish are.”

A mesma empresa produz outro jogo de localização, o Torpedo Bay:

“Torpedo Bay represents leading-edge development in mobile location-based gaming. A number of technologies licensed from KnowledgeWhere Corp, has enabled the Blister Team to create a product that pushes the limits of today’s mobile devices. The following is some of the features in Torpedo Bay:

The Location Application Platform (LAP™) – LAP™ is the hosting platform for multiplayer location-based gaming. It allows users from multiple carriers and multiple networks to interact within the same gaming environment. Its unique structure immerses the users inside a virtual world while protecting their physical locations with patent-pending PseudoPositioning algorithms. This makes for safe, fun and secure multiplayer gaming.

Predictive Positioning – GPS and A-GPS are prone to signal fading especially inside urban canyons and built up areas. This can result in frustrating game play for the user and loss of revenue for the carriers. Leveraging KnowledgeWhere’s extensive experience in mobile wireless location, Torpedo Bay™ implements predictive positioning algorithms that improve the accuracy and availability of GPS locates within these problematic areas.

Use of real map data to assist in the locating of enemy ships, weapons, and health. Game items and enemies are plotted against a street map to help players navigate in the game.

A 360° view of the game play world. The direction and distance of the enemy ships that appear on the navigation screen correspond to their location in the game.”