RFID privacy law

RFID Privacy Law

Alguns estados americanos estão criando lei para regular o uso das etiquetas RFID afim de proteger a vida privada e evitar sistemas de controle e vigilância sem consentimento dos usuários. Recente lei foi aprovada em Washington, mas deixa brechas para o “marketing”, graças a lobbies de grandes empresas. É o que mostra post do Ars Technica. Trechos:

“RFID tags are increasingly making their way into consumer electronics and goods, sometimes without our consent or knowledge. As security and privacy concerns increase about this ‘leaky’ technology, some states have taken some initiative to set boundaries around the technology. California made some progress last year, and a new law just passed in Washington will offer some more protections to residents of the Evergreen State.

The Washington legislation outlaws the use of RFID ‘spy technologies’ to collect consumer information without the owner’s consent. The only problem is, heavy corporate lobbying narrowed the scope of the law (before Governor Gregoire signed it) to cover only criminal acts such as fraud, identity theft, or ‘some other illegal purpose’ (making it a Class C felony to do so). Collecting information from consumer RFID chips for marketing purposes in Washington—with or without the owner’s consent or even knowledge—is still fair game.(…)”