Locative Media

Locative Media

Abaixo alguns projetos e sites interessantes tendo como tema as “mdias locativas” ainda no informados nesse Carnet. Os sites esto nos links do blog “04 fourwalling” sobre Locative Media. Para mais sobre o tema veja meu artigo “Mdia Locativa e Territrios Informacionais”.

Segundo Marc Tuters and Kazys Varnelis, “locative media projects can be categorized under one of two types of mapping, either annotativevirtually tagging the worldor phenomenologicaltracing the action of the subject in the world. Roughly, these two types of locative mediaannotative and tracingcorrespond to two archetypal poles winding their way through late 20th century art, critical art and phenomenology, perhaps otherwise figured as the twin Situationist practices of dtournement and the drive.”

Um primeiro projeto o Photography and mapping from Afar de Timo Arnall (ele tem outros projetos nessa linha). O projeto um mapeamento com GPS de seus percursos dirios com fotos: “Exploring the space of narrative, images and personal geography. For three months I recorded every walk, drive, train journey and flight I took, while photographing spaces and places from daily life.”

Toch um projeto que coloca em interface o espao fsico e telefones celulares desenvolvendo aplicaes que permitam que as pessoas possam interagir com objetos no espao urbano com os dispositivos mveis: “Touch is a research project that investigates Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and physical things. We are developing applications and services that enable people to interact with everyday objects and situations through their mobile devices. Touch consists of an inter-disciplinary team involved in social and cultural enquiry, interaction/industrial design, rapid prototyping, software, testing and exhibitions.”

Beta Tank rene uma srie de projetos em design e arquitetura de ambientes (Progress Bar, Bubble Screen, Art Bar, Intercative Window…) colocando nfase na relao do espao e as informaes: “Beta Tank is a design practice interested in applications of ambient information. Using existing technology and infrastructure to create a world where the right type of information arrives in an appropriate way. Above you will find links to Beta Tanks projects.”

Urban Atmosphere um conjunto de pesquisa e metodologias de anlise sobre o espao urbano, as paisagens e as relaes sociais em meio s novas tecnologias digitais mveis como bluetooth, celulares, redes wi-fi. um esforo conjunto de centros de pesquisa da Intel: “We argue that now is the time to initiate inspirational research into the very essence of these newly emerging technological urban spaces. We desire to move towards an improved understanding of the emotional experience of urban life. We are currently conducting a number of Urban Probes – a lightweight, provocative, intervention methodology designed to rapidly deconstruct urban situations, reveal new opportunities for technology in urban spaces, and guide future long term research in urban computing. In fact the very essence of person, place, and community are being redefined by personal wireless digital tools that transcend traditional physical constrains of time and space. New metaphors for visualizing, interacting, and interpreting the real-time ebb and flow of urban places will emerge. Urban Atmospheres is focused on exposing, deconstructing, and understanding the challenges of this newly emerging moment in urban history and its dramatic influence on technology usage and adoption.”

Ambient Space rene uma srie de experincias em informaes visuais e sonoras dos espaos urbanos. Os projetos visam criar esculturas sonoras e visuais revelando informaes dos espaos pblicos: “Ambientscape creates virtual and sonic sculptures through analysizing an environments soundfields; changing acoustics, inherent frequencies~standing waves, fundamental and harmonic frequencies. Creating a synthesis of digital and sonic space – a virtual and sound environment, not just receiving information but generating unique sculptural forms. Ambientscapes is a computer system developed in MAX/MSPJitter – where in nature,the urban environment and the public provide endless permutations of acoustics soundfields. In turn this sonicl stimuli becomes the raw data through which the artist Sam Jones creates reactive 3D generative structures, sculpted in virtual space. These 3D sculpted forms are programmed to evolve and shape organically in response to the space’s unique physical and acoustic properties.”

Os jogos pervasivos ou “asphaltics games”, ou “wireless street games”, so propostos e discutidos no site IPerG, “Integrated Project of Pervasive Games”, reunindo vrios jogos que exploram as tecnologias mveis digitais e os espaos das cidades. “Pervasive games are a radically new game form that extends gaming experiences out into the physical world. To achieve a high quality interactive experience for these games, new technologies to support the creation of new compelling forms of content will be explored by this consortium.”

O projeto Super Vision explora a questo do controle e da vigilncia no que eles chamam de sociedade “post-private” onde dados informatizados pessoais ameaam a vida privada. O projeto faz parte do The Builders Association, uma companhia que rene artistas que exploram as tecnologias contemporneas, as artes visuais, o teatro e a arquitetura.

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