Locative Games

Vejam alguns jogos usando tecnologias como GPS, tablets, etc., fruto de parceria entre a HP e artistas de Bristol, GB. O post vem do booktwo.org .

O primeiro jogo chama-se

Vejam a descrição:

“‘always something somewhere else’ is a generative mediascape that creates a temporary map in a location as the user is asked to seek out certain base materials such as glass, stone, and water. As they reach each material they hear the beginning of a fictional narrative about another person in a far off location standing next to the same material. As the map is created the user can return to the points they marked to hear the stories fold in on themselves and conclude.”

O outro jogo é o “Hidden Danger UXB” sobre minas e bombas. Vejam a descrição:

“Until such a time as weapons are banned globally, or war has been consigned to museums, then brave people are needed to clean the former battle fields of their deadly detritus – the unexploded bomb or UXB!

This game uses graphics, audio and GPS to play. Make sure you have the GPS unit working and either the sound turned up or headphones on! Open the HP Mediascape Client. Then select ‘File’ and ‘Open Script’ and select the Hidden Danger! UXB! File, ‘DangerUXB’. This will load the game, and you will see the title screen. From here you simply need to click on the screen to begin the game.”