Mais uma forma de compartilhar fotos de forma colaborativa atravs do telefone celular e do Flickr. o CrowdScapes. Ele identifica o lugar onde voc est e mostra na sua tela fotos feitas por outras pessoas perto de onde voc est podendo de dar uma outra experincia do espao. Veja a descrio do sistema:

“Currently, CrowdScapes software runs on your phone’s web browser. The WAP version of CrowdScapes requires you to enter your present location. To use the WAP version, point your cell phone’s browser @ Future versions of CrowdScapes will support automatic location disovery.

Once CrowdScapes knows your location it proceeds to find popular tags around your familiar and strange crowds. Familiar crowds are defined around localized versions of your personal tags. These tag show how you semantically see your world. They do not change by location.

Strange crowds are localized, popular tags from the greater Flickr crowd. They are gathered from Tag Maps, a YRB project. Using these tags, the mobile software proceeds to display Flickr photos that were taken near where you are located and that match the extracted tags. The resulting experience will give you another view into your surroundings, it will show you what the familiar and the strange find worthy of document.”