Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi e Acesso no Canada

Acabo de fazer a assinatura aqui do “bundle” (TV, Internet e Telefone). Terei os canais basicos do cabo (nada excepcional, mas sao quase 50), telefone free para ligacoes locais e internet de 10MB/s pelo preco de CAD$ 100.00: o que da algo em torno de 200 reais. Isso e’ bem menos do que eu pagava no Brasil pela Veloz (600kb)/Telemar (sem usar o telefone fixo) e Sky. So para dar um dimensao da nossa precariedade.

Abaixo trecho da materia do CNews, sobre free wi-fi em St. Petesburg:

“The home network Nienshants-home plans to enter St. Petersburg Wi-Fi market. Having launched six hot-stops in Nevsky District the company intends to cover the whole city. About 100 free Wi-Fi outlets are planned to be launched within the project. $ 500 thousand is planned to be invested into the initial stage of the project. Market participants have different points of view regarding the project pointing to its image and unsuccessful experience of the predecessors.

Nienshants-home launched the first free Wi-Fi zones in August. Hotspots were opened in the cafe Gnezdo and pub PeterBeer in St. Petersburg Nevsky District, where the company’s main subscribers are consentrated. Having launched hot-stops in other three public catering outlets the provider intends to penetrate into the new market segment. The new project implies 100 free hotspots to be opened at St. Petersburg dining places. Like in the already existing hot-stops, the unlimited internet traffic will be provided free of charge. (…)”