Narrativa Locativa

Narrativa Locativa

Photo by Andre Lemos

Reflexoes sobre possibilidades narrativas no uso das midias locativas. Temos tratado desse tema aqui com inumeros exemplos. Vejam trecho do texto do blog Excavating the Future:

“The how. That is, how do I create these narratives? A standard narrative, say, a movie or a book, forces you down a certain path. That is, you proceed from word to word, frame to frame, chapter to chapter, reel to reel, and and have no real say in the matter. If you skip to the end, you miss information in the middle that is essential to understanding the narrative (well, if it’s a good narrative, anyway). Now, there are ways around that: Choose Your Own Adventure books, for example, beloved of my youth, give you the option of which ‘way’ to go in the narrative, and in so doing, open up some possibilities while closing others. Could you build a geotagged ‘CYOA’ adventure, where you choose a destination and, in so doing, open up one possible set of conclusions while closing off others? Can you imagine the potential for romance authors? ‘Does Veronica choose the strapping Biff and his farm in Ohio, or swarthy Julio and his seaside condo?'” (…)

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  1. Nada contra o texto, mas vou falar da narrativa da foto ;-), que é muito boa, e supõe um observador à espreita, ao mesmo tempo em que prenuncia algo terrível. Parabéns.
    Que lugar de Edmonton é esse?
    bom, pouco importa;-)

  2. obrigado…perto do Alberta Museum…escada que leva a ravine, no vale…mas nada de terrivel vai acontecer, espero so coisas boas no futuro ;-)), mas sim, nada disso importa.

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