Criancas com GPS na GB

O post do The GPS Insider mostra que na volta as aulas um novo brinquedinho est sendo colocado na mochila das crianas: um GPS. O sistema, com uma preciso de 4 metros, monitora crianas na GB e Irlanda por 19,95 libras por ms, mostrando a localizao em mapas, websites ou dispositivos mveis. A moda pegou depois do desaparecimento de uma criana britnica em Portugal .

“Nothing says back to school like the smell of new sneakers, some sharp pencilsand a GPS in your kids backpack? UK-based Blue Tree Services is offering a GPS child tracking system squarely aimed at this market. The unit provides continuous location tracking with four-meter accuracy for 19.95 per month. A parent can view the childs position anywhere in the UK and Ireland on a dynamic map, either through a secure website or on a mobile device. The system also includes an optional panic alarm which allows the child to alert parents if they are in trouble. Sales have apparently increased after the recent disappearance of the four-year-old British toddler Madeleine McCann in Portugal.

Mike Smuts, managing director of Blue Tree Services, said: We have seen a huge demand for this product from across all sectors of society. It is good to know that parents can allow their children a little more freedom and at the same time manage their independence.