China Mobile knows where you are

China Mobile knows where you are

Post do CNET mostra a vigilância em plena mobilidade através de telefones celulares na China. Postava ontem sobre lugares e vemos aqui como eles são cada vez mais importantes, para um uso criativo do espaço mas também para a vigilância na sociedade de controle. Com certeza a China não é o único país a exercer essa vigilância da vida privada!


“It’s hardly surprising that China Mobile can figure out about where its subscribers are when the phone is on (or when the battery’s in). This sort of technology is standard in developed mobile networks, and it’s fueling a wave of business innovation and “locative technology.

So why was it so shocking to an AFP reporter when China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou told an audience at the World Economic Forum that “we know who you are, but also where you are”? Will at Imagethief has already made the alarmist journalism argument, so I’ll leave that to him. (The AFP headline ran under the unnecessary headline, “China’s mobile network: a big brother surveillance tool?”)

What struck me was U.S. Rep. Ed Markey’s (D-Mass.) surprised reaction. (…)

Anecdotally, I would say the assumption among people involved with media and politics in Beijing is that it is trivially easy for the government to tap cell phones and gather location data based on which tower your phone is in touch with. E-mail also is often assumed not to be secure. Markey must know the U.S. government can do this too, especially in light of the illegal wiretaps by the Bush administration. (The secret monitoring of U.S. citizens would actually have been legal if they had bothered to get their warrants rubber-stamped by a secret court, so don’t think due process is a defense in the United States.)

If Markey was really shocked, he was ignorant (…)