Projeto usa mdia locativa e mobilidade (bicicleta) para produzir um vdeo sobre uma “bikeflanerie” no espao urbano. O projeto Cycles for wandering de Matt Roberts (que ser executado dia 13 de setembro no Brooklyn, NY, no Conflux Festival 2007) usa uma bicicleta, GPS, cmera de vdeo e computadores para manipular imagens em tempo real e criar um vdeo do passeio. Esse post vem do Networked Performance.

“Cycles for wandering mixes a pleasurable bike ride, real-time image manipulation, locative media and user participation to create a short experimental video. Riding a bicycle as an art tool. Living as a poetical act. A video being imagined while it is made. Video not as memory but as reinvention. To create a video a participant simply takes a five to ten minute bike ride. The bike is equipped with a GPS and video camera that records images and movements of the riders trip. A computer, mounted on the bike, uses the information gathered from the GPS to make decisions on how to manipulate the images taken by the camera. When the rider returns from the trip, a DVD of the video made is created for them. At Conflux Festival 2007. [Related]”