Your importance on the Internet

Your importance on the Internet

Mais uma ferramente de “ego trip”. A QDOS usa sofisticados clculos para medir a sua popularidade na rede. O usurio informa os sites onde tem conta (facebook, blogger, twitter, lasfm, entre outros) e o programa calcula a sua popularidade. A minha, medida aqora, Q4004.

Voce pode comparar a sua popularidade com personalidades da msica, da poltica, do esporte…Na minha comparao com artistas estou logo abaixo Milo Manara e mais popular que o pintor alemo Lucian Freud, neto do prprio!

Para alm da ego-trip, a questo maior aqui o controle e a visualizao de dados pessoais na rede, a criao de perfis informacionais e outras formas de datamining. Vejam a matria do International Herald Tribune para mais detalhes.


“PARIS: Never mind how many connections you have on LinkedIn or the number of people who call you a friend on Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. A British company called Garlik has a new way of measuring your importance on the Internet: QDOS, a digital status rating system.

According to the free calculation on the company’s Web site, my own QDOS is 5717, putting me slightly above Garry Kasparov and only a couple of notches below Mark Zuckerberg, the wunderkind of Facebook – a prominence that is a bit too generous for me to completely buy into the results.

(…) That is partly because geography and culture have a lot to do with one’s attitude toward personal privacy – and therefore with spending on data protection – and there have been few well-publicized incidents of identity theft or personal-data loss.(…)

Even in the absence of hyperventilating headlines, he said, ‘A lot of decisions are being made about us with information people find out on the Internet – people are deciding whether to date me, whether to work for me, what kind of person I am.’

‘What we’re trying to do is get people engaged with their digital status. If we as a company can get millions of people engaged, they will tell us what services they want in identity protection,’ he said.”