Ubiquitous City

Vejam o artigo sobre Ubiquitous City, Buzz That Is Here to Stay

By Baek Sang-yeop
Vice President of LG CNS

The buzzword is U-City or Ubiquitous City. So, what is the buzz all about? This article neither will give you a technical brief nor a white paper about U-City. It will just simply share, in layman?s terms, some aspects of U-City worth knowing and sharing.

(…) Ubiquitous traces its roots from the Latin word “ubique,?? which simply means being everywhere at once. Given current technology trends, ubiquitous and city are innovatively fused together to concoct a new word that opens up exciting possibilities _ “a city where everything is interconnected with everything else, where information is instantaneously shared, and where computers and people seamlessly communicate.??

Putting it in a different way, it?s a city that defies the traditional concept of an old city, which you and I, not to mention our forefathers, have grown up and lived in. (…)

U-Cities will be a showcase of the most sophisticated technologies available in the market such as radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, smart cards applications, geographic information systems (GIS), location based systems (LBS), sensor-based computing, wireless communication devices, home networking, digital multimedia broadcasting and video conference technologies, just to name a few. (…)