Technology Review: Spying On My Wife

Artigo interessante sobre vigilância, controle e segurança…Spying On My Wife:

“Surveillance gizmos are a part of my life. What do they reveal?
By Simson Garfinkel”

Any monitoring system can be defeated, of course. A child who doesn’t
want her cell phone tracked can turn it off or “accidentally” leave
it at a friend’s house. I can wait at the front door of an office
until it’s opened by a coworker. And my wife can unplug her CarChip
if she doesn’t want to be tracked. The CarChip tries to defend itself
against this ploy by recording the fact that it was unplugged and
then plugged in again at a later time, but it can’t tell you what
happened in the interim.

That’s why I think the real use of these systems isn’t surveillance
but self-knowledge. (…)