The Internet of Things and Atlas of Cyberspace

Internet of Things and Atlas of Cyberspace.

Dois livros interessantes para download gratuitos.

Primeiro: Recebi essa semana do meu amigo Rob van Kranenburg uma cópia do seu livro “Internet of Things” (ainda não li). Rob é um ativista e especialista em RFID da isntituto Waag, em Amsterdã. Agora vejo no Networked_Performance uma release do livro. Abaixo algumas informações.

“(…) The Internet of Things is the second issue in the series of Network Notebooks. It’s a critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID by Rob van Kranenburg. Rob examines what impact RFID and other systems, will have on our cities and our wider society. He currently works at Waag Society as program leader for the Public Domain and wrote earlier an article about this topic in the Waag magazine and is the co-founder of the DIFR Network. The notebook features an introduction by journalist and writer Sean Dodson.

(…) In Network Notebook #2, titled The Internet of Things, Rob van Kranenburg outlines his vision of the future. He tells of his early encounters with the kind of location-based technologies that will soon become commonplace, and what they may mean for us all. He explores the emergence of the “internet of things”, tracing us through its origins in the mundane back-end world of the international supply chain to the domestic applications that already exist in an embryonic stage. He also explains how the adoption of he technologies of the City Control is not inevitable, nor something that we must kindly accept nor sleepwalk into. In van Kranenburg’s account of the creation of the international network of Bricolabs, he also suggests how each of us can help contribute to building technologies of trust and empower ourselves in the age of mass surveillance and ambient technologies.(…) This issue is free available in print and pdf form.

To receive a copy of The Internet of Things send an email to books (at)

The Network Notebooks series is edited by Geert Lovink and Sabine Niederer. Network Notebooks #2 is supported by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Waag Society.”

Segundo. A interessante cartografia do ciberespaço, The Atlas of Cyberspace, de Martin Dodge e Rob Kitchin. O livro explora os aspectos visuais do ciberespaço e de suas estruturas. Esse livro mapea o ciberespaço e pode ser um complemento interessante às novas formas de mapeamento dos espaços urbanos com o uso da web 2.0. O livro está disponível aqui.


“(…) It uses a user-friendly, approachable style to examine why cyberspace is being mapped and what new cartographic and visualisation techniques have been employed. Richly illustrated with over 300 full colour images, it comprehensively catalogues 30 years worth of maps that reveal the rich and varied landscapes of cyberspace.

The book includes chapters detailing:
– mapping Internet infrastructure and traffic flows
– mapping the Web
– mapping online conversation and community
– imagining cyberspace in art, literature, and film