Explore Your City

Explore Your City

Áudio com idealizador do site Everyblock (já havia falado dele aqui no Carnet) e a autora do City Prowl em Cleveland mostra como usar a internet para explorar os espaços urbanos e potencilizar o “sense of place”. O áudio está disponível no site Smart Cuty Radio:



“This week on Smart City we’re talking with people who use the internet to help you explore your city. Want to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood? Adrian Holovaty knows. He’s the creator of Everyblock.com, a website that provides hyper-local news tailored to your street address. We’ll give the site a test run and see what’s happening on our block.

City Prowl

We’ll also speak with Jennifer Coleman. She produced a series of audio tours called City Prowl that illuminate the special stories and places of her home city of Cleveland. We’ll hear a sample from one of her tours and talk to her about the future of her site.”