Subjective Cartographies

Subjective Cartographies

Ainda sobre mapas e visibilidades de processos sociais em cartografias subjetivas, como discutido nos últimos posts, o Vague Terrain 13: cityScene, dedica sua próxima edição a essa temática, tendo como inspiração o arquiteto Bernard Tcshumi que propunha em 1980:

If writers could manipulate the structure of stories in the same way as they twist vocabulary and grammar, couldn’t architects do the same, organizing an architectural program in a similarly objective, detached, or imaginative way”

Como mostra o post do Networked Performance, “Ubiquitous computing, home-brew geospatial analysis and open source culture are rapidly changing our conception and experience of urban space. If ‘event’ could be used as a catalyst in architecture, what paradigms might we employ to recontextualize the city?”

Vejam a chamada abaixo:

“Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE is dedicated to exploring urban representation. The issue will serve as a global index of strategies for abstracting, quantifying and documenting urban life. Subjective cartographies, architectural mashups, urban informatics, augmented reality gaming and field recording based work are all examples of research that we are interested in. What is important is that the work is ambitious and innovative. (…)”