Space to think

Leiam a entrevista com o escritor W. Gibson no Guardian Unlimited Books. Gibson acaba de lançar o livro Spook Country.


“That, to Gibson, seems a very quaint notion: these days, ‘now’ is wherever the new new thing is taking shape, and here is where you are logged on. What he has learnt, however, is that the tools of the science fiction writer are perfectly applicable to describing the jump-cut present. He does exactly this with characteristic black comedy and inventive edge in Spook Country, which involves trademark riffs on such diverse subjects as the ethics of viral marketing, the whereabouts of the billions of dollars of banknotes sent by the Bush administration to Iraq, the elegant scam of boutique hotels, and the potential for the use of satellite global positioning in art (to recreate, in this case, virtual celebrity deaths – River Phoenix, John Lennon – on the exact spot they took place).

It’s an obvious question, but where does he get his ideas from? ‘Well, when I start a book, I just look for things to be interested in. Often, they don’t have much to do with the final product and I am never quite sure how they have informed the process, but they are there at the beginning.”