Sonification of You

O projeto Sonification of You torna audível as trocas de informações entre dispositivos móveis em redes bluetooth, telefones celulares e redes Wi-Fi. O projeto transforma as emisões de radiofrequência em camadas sonoras de fundo que passa a representar as pessoas e seus dispositivos. No site a imagem abaixo é de um vídeo onde é possível ouvir as emissões dos dispositivos…


“Various communication devices always carried are continuously emitting and receiving information. This continuous data flow is both invisible and often, by the majority of people, unknown. Today’s hand-held devices can be seen as extensions of the human body allow ubiquitous, inescapable network interconnectivity.

The ‘Sonification of You’ aims to make this data flow ‘visible’ to those people carrying the active devices. Our equipment will passively scan the various radio spectrum frequencies used by mobile phone devices, Bluetooth, WiFi networks, and others used by mobile devices, within a given space. The data information then represented by assigned audio sounds that will indicate activity, distance, and strength of signals.

Drawing on methods for monitoring large computer networks, the result is to create a background ‘sound’ for a room that is representational of the people, and their devices, present. ”