Smart Party and SportsDo

Smart Party and SportsDo

Dois sistemas de mídia locativa usam informações localizadas e compartilhadas, um em redes wi-fi e mp3 players e outro em celulares com GPS para atividades esportivas.

O primeiro deles é o Smart Party que localiza por redes wi-fi mp3 players e “pega” musicas das playlists dos usuários jogando para um sistema central; uma espécie de DJ automático e “democratico”, tocando aquilo que esta nos mp3 players.(via Techdirt). No link uma entrevista com o realizador:

“Smart Party polls all WiFi-enabled music players in the vicinity to figure out what’s on user playlists, and then plays music off a central system (even pulling tunes directly from each user’s device) tailored to the taste of the group. It’s like a DJ who automatically knows what will most please the crowd. But as far as UCLA computer science grad student and Smart Party co-creator Kevin Eustice is concerned, plebiscitary soundtrack software is just a tiny part of a broader project, aimed at crafting an open architecture that will enable a whole range of mobile, location-sensitive social networking applications.(…)”

O outro sistema é o SportDo, usando celulares, GPS e websites para monitorar, mapear e compartilhar as atividades físicas dos usuários.

“SportsDo delivers real-time feedback on your sports performance on your mobile phone. It uses the global GPS satellite system to generate live and accurate readings on your speed, distance travelled, time, gradient, calories used, pace, total ascent and descent. SportsDo is ideal for any sporting activity. If you’re out and about and want a better understanding of your performance level, SportsDo is the perfect fit. Training, racing or just having fun – SportsDo adds depth and detail to your activities.

Designed specifically for ease of use on the move, SportsDo is an intuitive and attractive addition to your routine. The original GPS sports system for your phone SportsDo creates smart charts and graphs of all your activities, appropriately scaled for your phone’s screen. It also creates accurate route traces of your sessions with colour-coded segments indicating the speeds you achieved. SportsDo faithfully compiles a full log of your every sports session. The log can then be reviewed on the phone or uploaded to the SportsDo portal.(…)”