Shields no Cibercidade

Vejam trecho do vídeo feito em um celular durante a discussão sobre celulares no Grupo de Pesquisa em Cibercidade, coordenada nesse dia pelo Professor Rob Shields, da University of Alberta, Canadá. A discussão foi na última quinta dia 22, última participação de Shields no grupo antes de seu retorno ao Canadá. Shields nos brinda com sua sabedoria e simpatia desde setembro de 2006.

Com mostra Shields em paper discutido:

“Mobile phone images and videos extend the genealogy of popular camera technologies in ways which disregard concerns over resolution, quality and robustness in favour of the production of digital glances which are props and momentos which testify to photographers’ relation to their subjects – “Look! Its us 5 seconds ago!” Although they can be used for snapshots, although they could be a useful technology for visualizing the city, mobile phone imaging also witnesses ourselves back to us. This social reflexivity emphasies relationality and with little time-delay, allowing photographing to become an activity embedded within everyday social interaction. This raises many questions concerning what exactly is made ‘visible’ in the gesture of mobile phone imaging. For example, how does it change what we understand to be legitimately exposed as ‘public’ versus hidden and ‘private’. How does the process of making mobile images and clips shift the way things are ‘brought to the stage’ or pass ‘under our noses’ in everyday life? This may include the virtual or intangible aspects of urban life, changing the way in which we understand social interaction and the balance between the elements which go into making up what we understand as the ‘reality’ of urban situations. The question of staging is also a matter of power, of the making and re-making of ‘normality’.”