Mobile no M/C

O último número da publicação M/C Journal, o vol. 10 de março 2007, é centrado na questão da mobilidade (“mobile’). No cardápio vários artigos sobre as novas tecnologias de comunicação digitais móveis. Todos os arquivos podem ser acessados livremente.

EDITORIAL: Collect Calls – Larissa Hjorth and Olivia Khoo
FEATURE: Approaching the Mobile Culture of East Asia – Jaz Hee-jeong Choi
Mobile Intimacy: Theories on the Economics of Emotion with Examples from Asia – Gerard C. Raiti
The Technological Gaze: Event Construction and the Mobile Body – Yasmin Ibrahim
Media Reporting, Mobility and Trauma – Collette Snowden and Kerry Green
Texting Love: An Exploration of Text Messaging as a Medium for Romance in the Philippines – Randy Jay C. Solis
Modernity and the Mobile Phone: Exploring Tensions about Dating and Sex in Indonesia – Lee Humphreys and Thomas Barker
Superstition or Modernity?: On the Invented Tradition of Lucky Mobile Phone Numbers in China – Li Li
Understanding the Design of Mobile Social Networking: The Example of EzMoBo in Taiwan – Chih-Hui Lai
Going Live: Converging Mobile Technology and the Sociability of the iGeneration – Mariann Hardey
Mobility and Displacement: Refugees’ Mobile Media Practices in Immigration Detention – Linda Leung
Staying Safe and Guilty Pleasures: Tourists and CB Radio in the Australian Outback – Peter B. White and Naomi White
Zeitgeist – Andrew Johnson