Quem enviou o primeiro email?

Quem enviou o primeiro email? quando? Vejam: Our Picks:

“To skip to the point, the first message was sent by Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer at the above mentioned company, in 1971. He was located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and he sent an e-mail message from his computer to another computer right next to him. It was a test message, it appears. Something like “QWERTYUIOP”. He was actually playing around with two programs called SNDMSG and READMAIL that allowed users to leave messages to each other on the same machine. He merged the two files with a third program called CYPNET (a file sharing program, between computers). The combined technology allowed people to send and receive files that could be appended between different machines.

Despite his success with the e-mail, Ray Tomlinson is better known to the general population as the guy who introduced the ?@? locator in e-mail addresses. Like I said in the beginning, I wonder if he realized the impact he will cause. What do you think?”