Projeto MoPres, de Jane Oh, Alex Bisceglie: “Sense and contribute to the ghosty presences around you”. O projeto busca colocar sensações corportais compartilhadas de determinado lugar a partir de geotags e dados biométricos. Vejam mais sobre o projeto MoPress

Our target audience consists of tech-savvy people who feel there is a lack in the humanity in technology.

User Scenario
People wear the vest with embedded sensor package [heart rate and body temperature sensors], and the data is logged through the cell phone with geo tagging [gps and/or cell-tower id]. Once the mobile application reads the pattern of the data in relation to locations, it triggers the output devices embedded in the vest [heater and the pulse motor] with relevant residual patterns so that people can experience others’ past experiences at the given spot.

GPS module, cell ID database, through python application for geo-tagging.
Polar heart rate module, Thermistors, heater and a vibrating motor for the vest.

We’ve developed this project with the people and the accuracy of the data in mind – and thus, we have gone through [and discarded] many implementations of display and intake of data. We have run into roadblocks in mobile application development and location based services, and discovered ways to get arround them (low level software and peripherals!).