Qtrax’s Vaporware?

Qtrax’s Vapoware?

Sobre o post de ontem sobre o QTrax, acabo de ver no arstechnica que até o momento não há confirmação de adesão das grandes gravadoras ao projeto…É esperar para ver:

“(…) When midnight came and went last night without an official launch, it became clear that there were indeed problems. For its part, Qtrax now says that it is in negotiations with all of the labels, but that admission came only after it was discovered that Qtrax had somewhat misrepresented itself.

Late last night the LA Times called around to confirm the deal and found that only Universal would say that it was close to a deal. EMI and Warner denied a deal was in place, and Peter Kafka says that Sony BMG has also denied that there was a deal in place. In short, no labels have signed on yet.(…)”