Outro projeto interessante cruzando música, tecnologias sem fio e cidade é o Push.Music. Esse projeto é um P2P móvel onde palms, dotados de capacidade de acesso a redes wi-fi, reconhecem sons recomendados por outros usuários com os mesmo dispostivos podendo assim trocar músicas em mobilidade.

“Push!Music is a mobile, peer-to-peer music listening and sharing application that is supposed to act as a source of inspiration for listening to new music and as a new way of recommending music to other people.

Push!Music currently runs on WiFi-enabled PDAs and allows users to actively recommend songs by sending (or “pushing”) music to other users in the proximity. Users can also get spontaneous music recommendations as songs recommend themselves: songs that either come from your own music collection or from another user’s device nearby!

We have developed a concept of media agents to explore how to implement the ideas above. To learn more about this concept and about the Push!Music project, go here.
From alot of recent media attention, and blog activities, we’ve noticed that there seems to be some common missunderstandings about the project. Some clarifications about these can be found here.”