Open-Source Journalism

A Wired publica uma série de artigos sobre a experiência “Assignment Zero”, Open-Source Journalism: It’s a Lot Tougher Than You Think , projeto de jornalismo de fonte aberta da Wired News. São 12 matérias abrangendo discussões sobre “crowdsourcing”, “open jornalism”,””criativity”… Vale uma visita:

“Editor’s Note: This story is reprinted from Assignment Zero, an experiment in open-source, pro-am journalism produced in collaboration with Wired News. This week, we’ll be republishing a selection of Assignment Zero stories on the topic of ‘crowdsourcing.’ All in all, Assignment Zero produced about 80 stories, essays and interviews about crowdsourcing; we’ll reprint 12 of the best. The stories appear here exactly as Assignment Zero produced them. They
have not been edited for facts or style.”

“It’s true that crowdsourcing can bring new life to journalism: through replacement, with pro-am collaborations replacing coverage lost to newsroom cuts; through exploitation, with newspaper execs “harvesting” the wisdom of their community; or through bypass, with the “people formerly known as the audience” banding together to tackle investigations that — for varied reasons — the mainstream press is less eager to address.

But fundamentally, crowdsourced journalism’s promise must be realized by the crowd; if a project doesn’t suit the “users,” it won’t fly. So hearing from — and listening to — these users is key.

The most-heard voices on crowdsourced journalism come from those at the top: for Assignment Zero we’ve interviewed such leaders as’s Jon Donley, the NorthWest Voice’s Mary Lou Fulton* and NOWPUBLIC’s Michael Tippett; evangelists Dan Gillmor and Jeff Jarvis; CPA-wielding TPM Cafe warrior Mrs. Panstreppon and Daily Kos leader-rallier SusanG.”