Onde est o meu Wi-Fi

Onde est o meu Wi-Fi?

Mais um artigo sobre os problemas e possveis solues para o oferecimento, por parte das municipalidades, de conexo internet sem fio, via Wi-Fi. Vejam esse artigo do Slate, Why have municipal Wi-Fi networks been such a flop? – By Tim Wu – Slate Magazine. Trecho:

“It’s hard to dislike the idea of free municipal wireless Internet access. Imagine your town as an oversized Internet cafe, with invisible packets floating everywhere as free as the air we breathe. That fanciful vision inspired many cities to announce the creation of free wireless networks in recent years. This summer, reality hitone city after another has either canceled deployments or offered a product that’s hardly up to the hype. In Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, and even San Francisco, once-promising projects are in trouble. What happenedwas the idea all wrong?

Not quite. The basic idea of offering Internet access as a public service is sound. The problem is that cities haven’t thought of the Internet as a form of public infrastructure thatlike subway lines, sewers, or roadsmust be paid for. Instead, cities have labored under the illusion that, somehow, everything could be built easily and for free by private parties. That illusion has run straight into the ancient economics of infrastructure and natural monopoly. The bottom line: City dwellers won’t be able to get high-quality wireless Internet access for free. If they want it, collectively, they’ll have to pay for it.” (…)