Mediascape e Realidade Aumentada

Mediascape e Realidade Aumentada

MScape, projeto de “realidade aumentada” da HP foi lanado em NY. J havia postado sobre esse tema nesse Carnet anteriormente. Vejam agora o post HP’s mScape e a definio de “mediascape”, mais uma possibilidade de compreenso das “mdias locativas”. Mostrei alguns exemplos de realidade aumentada no meus ltimos artigos.

“Today in New York City, HP revealed for the first time outside of the lab a concept handheld for the company’s Mediascape (or “Mscape”) gaming software. The handheld has been sighted before, though specifically in an HP commercial shown earlier this year at a technology summit” (Peter Pachal, Sci-Fi).

“mediascapes are mobile, location-based experiences that incorporate digital media with the sights, sounds, and textures of the world around you. A mediascape blends digital images, video, audio and interactions with the physical landscape. Games, guided walks, tours, and destinations are among the mediascapes created to date”.

O conceito de “realidade aumentada” (uma lente que funde espao fsico e espao eletrnico de informao) est incorporado no handheld de acordo como blog sci-fi:

“the concept with Mscape is that the handheld’s screen acts kind of like a lens through which the real world is rendered just like a video game. For example, holding it up to a part of the street may reveal a virtual crater where the ground should be. It’s not actually rendering the environment in real time; Mscape cues up the proper graphics when prompted by sensors on the device, including GPS. It’s so far been confined to HP’s iPAQ handhelds.”

Vejam abaixo um vdeo (fico) mostrando a potencialidade do dispositivo.