New Mobilities

Evento sobre novas mobilidades, o New Mobilities, acontece de 6 a 8 de dezembro de 2007, organizado pelo Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics.

O workshop será realizado no College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales e terá como foco 4 plataformas: “perceptual mobilities”, “social movements”, “aesthetic movements” e “media mobilities”.

Vejam os objetivos:

“The Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, CoFA, UNSW is inviting applications from potential participants in New Mobilities: The workshop will be organised around a series of separate platforms spread across the three-day period. Facilitators will prepare sets of reading materials for participants, which will be circulated at least one month prior to the workshop. Readings are intended to provide the basis for discussion for each of the platforms but participants will not be expected to be experts in all material. The emphasis in workshop sessions will be upon open, rigorous and inclusive discussion rather then paper performance and presentation.

Sessions will also be organised around film, video and sonic material with special screening times set aside. There will also be opportunities to contribute to an open VJ remix of participant-generated audiovisual material. All facilitators will participate across the entire workshop but will be responsible for particular platforms.The different platforms reflect a range of practices and disciplinary perspectives but are designed to interconnect and to promote cross-disciplinary engagement. Invited participants may have particular interest or expertise in one platform but are encouraged to attend all sessions.”(…)