Free Net Canada

O movimento busca criar em Vancouver uma comunidade wireless compartilhando acesso wi-fi usando os roteadores Meraki. Há movimentos similares em São Francisco, Prestonsburg e outros lugares do mundo.

O objetivo do projeto Meraki é: “to bring affordable Internet access to the next billion people. Meraki’s new approach to wireless networking empowers individuals and groups to bring access to local communities, anywhere in the world. Meraki has focused on changing the economics of access since its beginning as a MIT Ph.D. research project that provided wireless access to graduate students. Using their research, Meraki got its start at a low-income housing community in the US. News about Meraki’s products spread by word of mouth into over 25 countries around the world. Every day, new Meraki networks bring access to locations ranging from urban apartment complexes in London to villages in India.”