Confirmando o post anterior, vejam esse artigo da BBC: “The mobile web takes off”, mostrando que o uso do celular está cada vez mais ligado ao acesso à web.

Tenho visto, aqui no Canadá, cada vez mais publicidades de operadoras de celulares oferecem justamente isso; maior acesso à Web e a serviços como Blogs, MSN, softwares sociais (Facebook, principalmente), mas também YouTube, Google…Mais uma vez, trata-se da dinâmica da tecnologia contemporânea, para além do bem e do mal…, como falava anteriormente.


“(…) And while browsers are slowly getting easier to use, some of us just cannot wait. ‘We have seen a healthy growth, albeit only 20% of the browsing audience, going off and finding other applications to download to access news and information services,’ said Paul Foote, senior analyst at M:Metrics.

(…)Widgets are becoming increasingly popular on mobiles, ‘I think this is a call from consumers to improve the user experience and the speed, so people are looking around for alternatives.’

Increasingly we will use widgets or mini-programs to tailor what is available right to our home screen; directly connect to the weather forecast, photo-sharing site, or find local train times.

One available app traces the phone’s signal, finds the nearest train station, then displays the timetable and prices, reducing the need to tap keys or search web pages.

(…) Now Google wants a slice of your phone. Its project, Android, will offer an open-source operating system and browser capable of supporting apps and widgets thought up by just about anyone, which could help us and Google.(…)”