MIT Tangible Media Group

Ainda sobre mídias locativas, os projetos do MIT Tangible Media Group atuam na criação de interfaces entre os objetos físicos e os dados numéricos, criando espaços híbridos de acesso e ação sobre a informação, o que é chamado de “ambient media”. Vale a pena uma visita. Há também papers disponíveis.


“Guided by the Tangible Bits vision, we are designing “tangible user interfaces” which employ physical objects, surfaces, and spaces as tangible embodiments of digital information. These include foreground interactions with graspable objects and augmented surfaces, exploiting the human senses of touch and kinesthesia. We are also exploring background information displays which use “ambient media” — ambient light, sound, airflow, and water movement. Here, we seek to communicate digitally-mediated senses of activity and presence at the periphery of human awareness.”