Mediacity Conference 2008

Evento discute cidade e mídia a partir de três eixos principais: situações, práticas e encontros. A conferência será em Weimar, Alemanha, em janeiro de 2008. Vejam o site para mais detalhes aqui:

“The conference will investigate how the social settings and spaces of the city are created, experienced and practiced through the use and presence of new media. We will take the position that new media enables different settings, practices and behaviours to occur in urban space. These media create opportunities for diverse forms of connections between people and spaces and enable and create flows; of information, of communication and of knowledge. The conference will consist of three sessions, a workshop and several additional activites, which will explore these themes in a focussed way. We anticipate contributions from academics, practitioners, activists close to disciplines such as media studies, architecture, urban studies, cultural and urban geography and sociology – using in innovative ways and reflecting critically on processes, methods and impacts of public participation and technologies in urban realm, within their theoretical and practical research, teaching, or activism roles.”