Locative Media @ Banff

Locative Media @ Banff

Há alguns meses atrás estive em Banff e visitei do Mobile Lab para conhecer os projetos em andamento. Postei algo sobre o e-Banff e o Tracklines. Agora o A R T Mobile Lab faz uma chamada para residência em “locative media art”, com supervisão de Plan B (Daniel Belasco Rogers e Sophia New), Christina Ray (Glowlab NYC) and Angus Leech. Os candidatos devem enviar projeto até dia 15 de agosto.


“The Almost Perfect ‘Call and Response’ residency at the Banff New Media Institute is an annual, concentrated four-week experimental prototyping lab that explores the creation and context of location. Practitioners from all walks of locative and mobile media practice are encouraged to apply to the programme. We are particularly interested in practice that extends beyond the device out into the environment, be it landscape or datascape.

The massive scale of Banff National Parks Rocky Mountains and the expanse of the Great Plains to the east provide a unique opportunity to untether yourself from the usual coordinates of place. Geographies of time, scale and great disruption lay exposed, lending themselves to the call and response of technology and nature. This residency allows for the time and space to consider how modern pervasive technologies allow us to disconnect from our desktop cells and interact with the world in a whole new way.

Through a combination of dedicated studio time, group discourse, peer critique, design exercise and studio visits Almost Perfect ‘Call and Response’ looks to explore location-based artwork and the repercussions of producing work for place and in-particular in outdoor and non-urban contexts. The residency will be led by established locative media practitioners Plan B (Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia New), Christina Ray (Glowlab NYC) and Angus Leech. Almost Perfect ‘Call and Response’ will not only support the open conceptualisation of new works, but also re-visit influential pieces from this emerging medium’s history.

Application Deadline: Friday August 15, 2008 Notification Date:
Wednesday August 27, 2008

To apply please visit: http://www.banffcentre.ca/programs/program.aspx?id=713

**The deadline for applications is August 15 and we are willing to expedite the application process for you so that you may apply for the necessary funding to join us in Banff. If you are interested, please
contact me directly with a short project proposal (about 200 words), your technical requirements and your cv. Contact Steve Woollard at +1 403 762 7500 or by email at steve_woollard AT banffcentre.ca.**”