Locative games

Locative Games

Post do Locative Media, via GPSbusinessnews mostra jogos em destaque no Independent Games Festival Mobile. Um deles vem daqui de Alberta, de Calgary, da empresa KnowledgeWhere, o PhoneTage Elite:

“PhoneTag Elite is a hi-tech game of tag, played alone or with a group of friends that utilizes the GPS in your mobile phone. Location is key and your mission is to capture your opponent while cleverly outmaneuvering your captor. Using your mobile phone as a navigational aid, you physically move around the streets or parks as displayed on your mobile map as you attempt to capture your target and evade your pursuer.”

O vídeo abaixo mostra o outro game também nomeado para a categoria, o Anna’s Secret de Jan Ulrich Schmidt, de Hamburgo, Alemanha.

“Anna’s Secret is a GPS driven, location-based learning adventure game for cultural content in the city of Weimar (Germany). A player walks with a GPS-able Pocket PC through the Ilm-park and passes sightseeings. Video clips show Anna and explain the sights, which have an important role in the game. On his way the player has to solve different quests and mysteries to solve Anna’s Secret. If he does well, he can find a treasure chest.(…) Anna’s Secret is based on the game ‘geocaching’, but extends this play by video and film clips, multimedia features, components of a adventure game and a real, historical background story.”