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Location Location

Matéria da BBC NEWS mostra a evolução dos telefones celulares como ferramentas de localização, informando que a Nokia vai investir em mapas e “aiming to banish paper maps”.

Como temos discutido nesse Carnet, essa forma crescente de localização em mobilidade (não só em carros, mas para pedestre) expões processos de controle informacional do espaço gerando menos “desterritorialização” e mais domínio do espaço ambiente. Se perder vai virar uma nova forma de diversão, e não o contrário.


Nokia says its aim is to sell 35m GPS-equipped phones in 2008

“The firm’s next generation of digital maps gives real-time walking directions on the mobile phone screen, just like sat-nav systems which guide drivers.

‘Nokia is taking navigation services out of the car so it can always be with you,’ said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO of the firm. ‘Struggling with oversized paper maps will become a thing of the past.’

Nokia’s Maps 2.0, for its Series 60 and 40 phones, is part of the firm’s push into location and context-aware technologies. Mr Kallasvuo said: ‘Navigation is one of the foundations of the context-aware mobile phone. We believe it will be as important as voice capability was 20 years ago. He added: ‘Your mobile device will soon be in tune with your surroundings and adjust accordingly.’ Nokia expects to sell 35 million mobile phones equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) in 2008.

(…) Niklas Savander, executive vice president of services and software, said: ‘The future is about bringing context – time, place and people – to the web; that is the foundation of the next generation of the worldwide web.’

(…) Nokia’s announcement underlines its belief that GPS chips will become as ubiquitous in mobile phones as cameras. It has already made a $6bn (£3bn) investment in mapping company NavTeq to show that it is putting its money where its mouth is.

(…) Location-based social networking, allowing you to find out the exact location of your buddies, could be one way that mobile can offers something over and above web-based applications.(…)”