Location-Based GPS Games

Location-Based GPS Games

Post do Radar Oreilly, Location-Based Content Platform: Wherigo on the Garmin Colorado, de Brady Forrest, mostra o desenvolvimento de jogos baseados em localização para dispositivos com GPS. O interesse aqui é que o usuário pode criar o seu jogo.

Trechos do post:

“Wherigo lets anyone build games (or tour guides or local reviews or real estate apps) using the Lua programming language. The games can be tied to a specific location or they can be ‘play anywhere’. The games are generally task-based. As you are given tasks you move from location to location and pick up items (inventory). Your inventory is used to complete other tasks (such as disable an evil robot or a fix a virtual spaceship). Wherigo games can also be played on the PocketPC platform (other platforms coming in the future). You can also download the Wherigo builder (windows-only, requires .NET) and use the emulator to try out the games (screenshot after the jump). You can use the Builder or their webservice to compile games.

(…) The Wherigo platform was designed for games, specifically GeoCaching-esque games. It allows Wherigo’s fanbase (one-million strong) to create virtual caches in parks and residential neighborhoods (places where physical caches weren’t desired or safe). If you’re wondering who will play these games look no further than the Garmin blog. Garmin and Groundspeak threw an event on Saturday to show off their new platform. When I stopped by the large room was packed and the crowd couldn’t wait to try the tutorials.

Where I think Wherigo will gain the broadest appeal is for more general content delivery. As I was playing with the demo game I kept thinking how useful Wikipedia would be on this platform (there are thousands of geo-tagged pages). Groundspeak is also thinking this way. (…)”