:::: K O N T R O L ::::

Lançado o número 1 da revista :::: K O N T R O L ::::, sobre arte, cultura, tecnologia e política na perspectiva do controle. O número de estréia é dedicado ao tema “the pornography of fabricating fear”

Trecho do Editorial:

“In order to trace the issues of ‘control’ and offer a setting for collecting, considering and distributing opinions, we try to imitate mechanisms that control an operating apparatus. Even structuring the magazine around a specific topic, which could be a metonym for the ‘perceptive process of what control is’, constitutes a challenge. But it also means that we as editors should be aware of all that is available and accessible, while making sure it instigates new projects and investigations, with specific interest in the political, tactical and philosophical aspects of ‘control mechanisms’ and their operational logic.”

No menu, entre outros, artigos sobre :

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