Future is LBS

Future is LBS

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O Times Online diz que o futuro é LBS:

“(…) New location-based services fall into a host of general classifications from asset-tracking or people-tracking to proximity-based notifications (the Gap sale alert) to proximity-based payment services. In the Nordic countries, people have been using the latter, paying for petrol with mobile phones for years. In South Korea, tens of thousands of taxi cabs are equipped with a mobile- or PDA-swipe payment system. (…) Early kinks in LBS technology have more or less been worked out so that query responses today are both comprehensive and timely. But the richness of these services depends on users. As more users weigh in with travel tips or restaurant ratings or take up your offer for a mobile gaming duel, the more dynamic the services become.

Já o LOJOCONNECT.COM mostra que a situação não é tão boa na Ásia:

“A recent TNS Global Telecoms Insight study on mobile device usage in the Asia-Pacific region found that, while mobile operators have started to offer a number of GPS and location-based services (LBS), they’re only catching on in a few markets. Although 53 percent of respondents said they had access to location-based services, only 3 percent said they had used the service. In Japan, location-based services reached 13 percent and in Taiwan LBS reached 10 percent.(…)”