Flash Mob, London

Flash Mob London

Flash Mob (melhor seria dizer uma “Smart Mob” – j que de cunho poltico-ativista) contra a expanso do aeroporto Heathrow em Londres, causa turbulncia no aeroporto de maior trnsito do mundo (junto com o de Amsterd). Manifestantes exibiam t-shirt com a frase “Stop Airport Expansion”. Vejam matria do TheStar.com (obrigado Rob!)

Saindo de Heathrow no comeo de maro…

“(…) A ‘flash mob’ invasion of as many as 1,000 protesters was planning this morning to make a mess of the new facility’s actual launch, arriving in ones and twos disguised as regular passengers but intent upon stripping down inside the terminal to reveal blood-red T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan ‘Stop Airport Expansion.’ Given the anti-aviation movement’s most recent made-for-YouTube moments last month alone, U.K. campaigners staged separate banner-unfurling infiltrations on a parked plane’s tailfin and on the roof of the palace at Westminster it’s no wonder Her Majesty has already been there, opened that, and will most certainly not be anywhere within eyeshot of a red T-shirt.(…)”