Era da Conexao

A The Economist publica um relatório sobre a “revolução” das tecnologias da mobilidade e das redes wireless. É o survey “A world of connections”. Vejam também sobre o tema o meu artigo “Cibercultura e Mobilidade: a Era da Conexão”.

Infelizmente para ter acesso total ao relatório da The Economist é preciso ter uma assinatura…ou comprar a revista impressa na banca…;-((

A world of connections
Apr 26th 2007

New wireless technologies will link not just people but lots of objects too. That will be tremendously useful, says Kenneth Cukier (interviewed here); but getting there will be tricky

THE radio is 110 years old this year and the microprocessor just under 50. As these two technologies move ever closer together, with wireless capabilities now being put on computer chips, something exciting is happening. All the benefits of the computing world—innovation, short development cycles and low cost—are being extended to wireless communications. As a result, a myriad of hitherto separate objects are becoming connected to networks, from televisions and cars to industrial machinery and farmland. Tiny devices are even being placed into the human body to perform useful tasks. The new technology enables control to be exercised from a distance and lets different devices interconnect to do something new.

So far the mobile phone has been getting all the attention. Around 2.8 billion are already in use, with a further 1.6m being added every day. The phones themselves are improving at a cracking pace. Yet this boom is also spilling over into other areas of wireless communications, used for linking machines, sensors and objects.