Enzimi 2007

Enzimi 2007

Festival de arte urbana em Roma usa novas tecnologias para repensar o espaço público. Vejam o site Talents Out! – Enzimi 2007 – Programma dell’evento.

Um dos projetos mais interessante para o que nos interessa aqui é o game que explora a “psicogeografia”, o “Urban Desoriantation“. Vejam descrição abaixo:

“The Urban Disorientation Game invites participants to be lost in the city. Participants are placed in situations where they are made to be disoriented and then challenged to find their way out of this state.

Urban Disorientation Game . Lost in the SupermarketAt its core, psychogeography investigates the relationship between urban space and one’s psychological state. Nothing heightens a person’s awareness of his/her environment more acutely than being lost.

Long Game: In this 4-6 hour game, participants are blindfolded and driven to a location 5-10 miles away from Conflux headquarters. Participants are divided into teams, each of which is led by a guide who ensures fun and safe play. Teams are provided minimal tools to find their ways back to the Conflux, and are further disoriented through the periodic imposition of arbitrary rules, such as a prohibition on talking. The tools provided, and rules of the game, will change from time to time. The first team to return to headquarters wins, but each team will compete on subjective terms, such as discoveries made and reactions to being disoriented.”