Earthmine – Paisagem Digital

Earthmine – Paisagem Digital

Post do O’Reilly Radar comenta o Earthmine, ressaltando a melhoria das imagens 3D tirada das ruas. O tema de abertura do site é “Earthmine is indexing reality”! Mais ainda:

“We’re creating an entirely new datamine about our earth that is open, connected, flexible, immersive and scalable. A spatially accurate, truly 3D inventory of our world. It just may be the link that’s been missing between information and places.”

Vejam a esse propósito post nesse Carnet sobre Paisagem e imagens digitais.

“The online mapping space continues its march towards 3D and startup Earthmine is at the forefront. Earthmine has developed technology that enables them to get high-resolution 3D geo-imagery quickly. They’ve developed a street-level camera system that enables them to capture 3D data for each pixel.

Yesterday Earthmine announced that they have exclusive access to the same NASA technology that is used on the Mars Rover. The technology comes from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. As a part of the deal CalTech will take an equity stake in Eartmine.(…)”

Abaixo vídeo da Earthmine