Contemporary Art

Blog Contemporary Arts propoe links interessantes sobre o uso das tecnologias moveis digitais, alguns ja bastante conhecidos, mas fica a referencia:

“Here are some contextual and historical sites to visit. Never heard of an ARG or a Derive? Check those wiki-links out. Now you know what an ARG is, but can’t really figure out what it would be like to play one? Look at the Cruel 2 be Kind video. And, please, take some time with Blast Theory and Christian Nold.

Alternate Reality Games (ARG)
Alternate Reality Game – Wikipedia – look at the definition, similarities and differences to other forms of entertainment, and basic design principles

B.U.G. – Big Urban Game – this is an example of how a city used the concept of an ARG to develop some urban planning strategies
Cruel 2 be kind video – This video sums up the spirit of this game pretty well. No use of locative media, but its purpose/meaning is relevant in terms of thinking about walking, games and participants’ experiences of place. Designed by amazing thinker Jane McGonigal.

Songlines – Walking as a way of telling history or relating to your culture isn’t such a “modern” idea, but perhaps a colonialized one.
Derive – Wikipedia – a philosophy on walking designed by Guy Debord, related to Situationists ideas about people’s relationships with the city
Manifesto for a New Walking Culture – browse it. Lots of pretty pictures and short quotes here. I recommend: 5 of Hearts, A of Spades, 3 of Hearts, 6 of Clubs
Richard Long – Sculptures – One of the first artistic walkers I learned about.
Lone Twin Interview – Just check out the little blurb under “Lone Twin, impractically optimistic”. These guys walk telephone poles in straight lines through cities.

Examples of Artists using Locative media (such as cell phones with GPS, or specially created hand held devices with GPS) in performances:

Blast Theory –
Home page for Blast Theory, a collaborative group of artists working with locative media. I really like “Can You See Me Now” and “Uncle Roy All Around You”.
Day of the Figurines – look at the home page for this game to see the basic summary of this game. Uses cell phones which are mobile media, but does not rely on geo-location.
The Presence Project: Gabriella Giannachi – a participant’s reflections on participating in this game, along with a phone photo of where she is each time the game contacts her. Dates of note (for browsing): 28/9/2006, 9/10/2006, 18/10/2006 or 20/10/2006

Other Locative Media Artists
Biomapping – Christian Nold recently had a show at Southern Exposure in SF, as well as in other cities across the globe. An interesting way to link participants’ experience of place, the practice of walking, mapping, and the use of locative media.
Locative Media in the Wild – A group of students’ explorations using GPS software”